Candypreneur: Get Started in the Hidden Industry of Bulk Candy Vending

  • Chris N.

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    Great guide from a-z

    Bonner takes you step by step through the process of setting up and growing your bulk candy business. Many great tips that I hadn’t considered. Explained in a common sense way that is easy to follow. This is a great read for anyone who wants to start a business.

  • Dee

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    I have read quite a few books on candy vending, it tied my best book. Easy and simple to read.

  • Jess

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    Great Info.

    Great info but needs proof reading. There were many typos and grammar errors. Nevertheless, this is a great information book. I’d recommend it.

  • Music Guru

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    On My Way

    I purchased a similar book before but this is way better. I couldn’t put it down once I started reading. If you are really interested in starting a vending business this is the way to go. It is very in depth down to the weight and average vending amount of candy vending. This book will either give you confidence to keep on your path with this great knowledge or go the other way. Overall, if you are just getting started this is a definite must have. You will not regret the purchase.

  • Meghan

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    A Must-have Book for every Business-minded Person

    You probably see these candy vending machines everyday–they’re so much a part of the urban landscape that many people do not give them a second thought, unless they have that hankering for something sweet they can pop into the mouth. But as Scott Bonner’s book reveals, `Candypreneur,’ there’s money to be made in engaging in the business of candy vending machine–a lot of money, for the right entrepreneur with a can-do mindset. And it doesn’t take much money or skills to quickly get in this business.

    For starters, Bonner’s book shows compelling numbers–with a fifty percent profit, candy vending machines are easily one of the most profitable ventures out there. And they’re essentially automated: you leave them in a good, secure location and it will earn you money even while you’re asleep.

    Bonner is spot-on when he says that the candy vending machine business is a “hidden industry”–many people do not realize these vending machines’ earning potential. You don’t need thousands of dollars of capital. In fact, Bonner so simply states the seed money you will need: $200, probably more or less, but that’s about the range of it. And the potential returns: about $200 in profits every month–and that’s for every vending machine you install.

    Indeed, Scott Bonner’s book, `Candypreneur: Get Started in the Industry of Bulk Candy Vending Machine’ is one of the most delightful, eye-opening how-to business books we’ve seen in years, and it can benefit you no matter where you are or what you do. What’s more, the author generously shares a lot of enlightening business lessons that can help you straighten out your own perspective when it comes to taking a little risk or overcoming your fear of the unknown–especially in terms of knowing the exact legal and financial steps you must take in order to start in the business.

    Overall, if you want to start a little business that is easy to setup and requires minimal capital, but with a huge earning potential, download a copy of `Candypreneur’ today. Highly recommended!



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Scott Bonner

I started my journey into bulk candy vending in 2009. After reading a blog post about passive income that opened my eye to the candy vending industry. Without a clear path I started with a single machine. I found there was so much more to the business I had to learn the hard way. In 2010 once my business matured I began to blog about what I had learned so others could follow my path. I grew my business and eventually sold the route and now focus my attention on my passion for building businesses and teaching others how to reach success in their own lives. This book was for me a labor of love for those who feel trapped in their lives and want to find a way out but can't find a clear path to follow. While candy vending may not be the end all be all for everyone it can be the muse they need to take action and get the extra money they need to start something bigger.

Reviews June 12, 2014